15 Best URL Shorteners to Shorten Long Links or Earn Money (2018)

Which are the best URL shorteners?

Everyone has noticed, most of the time we see very lengthy URLs (almost up to two hundred characters) in search bar cluttered with unknown parameters which seem dingy. And you also can’t remember such lengthy URLs. So in this condition, you wish you could have short URL that takes almost up to 15 or 20 characters, not more than that.

Don’t worry. Everything is possible in this World. Programmers have made everything easy and possible for us.

There are many sites online where you can shorten your URLs. But to choose the best URL shortener along with some important features, it is something difficult as there are many shrinkers or shorteners out there in the market.

Best URL Shorteners to Shorten Long URLs

Here is the list of all the best URL shorteners which you can use in order to shorten your URL.

  1. Bit.ly
  2. Goo.gl
  3. TinyURL.com
  4. Ow.ly
  5. Rebrandly
  6. Is.gd
  7. Buff.ly
  8. Shorte.st
  9. Adf.ly
  10. T2m.io
  11. Soo.gd
  12. Tiny.cc
  13. Mcaf.ee
  14. Bit.do
  15. Link.TL

1. Bit.ly  One of the Best URL Shorteners

Bit.ly is one of the best URL shorteners I have come across with and I have heard many people marking it the best and perfect. It is also the oldest URL shortener.

Its more popularity is due to its versatility. The URL shortener is not confined to just narrowing down the URL rather it is with the broader scope.

You can track your clicks data for the link like how many times your link was clicked i.e. the traffic flow.

The best thing about bit.ly is their provision of providing vanity URLs (URLs that represent your brand with one glimpse) like if I use URL shortener for specifically my website StarsGeek, that could be like sg.ly or geek.ly or sgeek.ly etc.

And you can also have an amazing option for creating custom URLs with your own keywords but you can use only those keywords which haven’t been already selected by any other.

The good thing is that you just don’t need to sign in if you just want to shorten your link, signing-in is just required for keeping track of all your links around the web-world. They have a very simple and user-friendly interface for user-interaction.

2. Goo.gl

Goo.gl is another popular and one of the best URL shorteners officially by the world most favorite and biggest company Google. After Bit.ly, goo.gl is the #1 among people’s appreciation and they’re almost equally used by users.

Goo.gl also helps like Bit.ly in tracking and compiling clicks data and fetches all the traffic behavior coming to your links in order to get the better understanding of your analytical behavior. You can become aware of where your users are coming from.

Just like Bit.ly, you don’t need to sign in, just put your original URL in the input field, click the button and you are done.

3. TinyURL.com

TinyURL is the simplest and one of the best URL shorteners. You can just put your long URL and it’ll shrink it for you.
The awesome thing about it is that you can customize it as you would like to include any keyword.

But you cannot track your clicks, this is where it lacks. Otherwise, if you don’t want to track, it is always good to go with it.

4. Ow.ly

Ow.ly is the official URL shortener by the popular Social Media Managing Application Hootsuite. You can also use it just on a website as an independent application.

But it’s most suitable when it is used with Hootsuite and works automatically when you use it to schedule your social posts.

5. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is the URL shortener to create short URLs with the custom domain name. The uniqueness which you find with Rebrandly is that you can edit or delete your links which you cannot find with most URL shorteners, this makes it one of the best URL shorteners.

One of the best URL shortener to transform your horrible long URLs into short and friendly URLs.

The good thing about Rebrandly is their apps for both iOS and Android which is quite helpful for managing links in any way.

Another feature which you can use by Rebrandly is their chrome extension for a quick transformation of long links.

6. Is.gd

Is.gd is also another URL shortener, quite simple to use. You need not sign in, just need to put URL link in an input field and click the button to get your link shrunk.

If you don’t need any statistics about your link, this is the suitable option for creating short links.

7. Buff.ly

Buff.ly is another amazing URL shortener officially by a Social Media Managing Most Popular Application Buffer.

URLs to be shared on social media are shortened itself by buffer as buff.ly is a built-in app by Buffer and you don’t need to login or make any settings for using it. You just have to paste your actual URL, that will automatically be shared with shortened URL which is indeed facilitating feature by Buffer.

You can access buffer by logging into their official website or by using their android app and can have a check on your clicks analytics.

8. Shorte.st

Shorte.st is another amazing URL shortener used by many. You can use this shortener to make money too. This is the URL shortener which pays you for each click received on any link. Earnings made through this software will be lesser.

Though it pays but I won’t recommend you to use it as it is not considered as a good option.

9. Adf.ly

Adf.ly is also an amazing URL shortener you can use to avoid long links. Just like Shorte.st, it also provides the opportunity to earn from it. So you can also use this URL shortener to make money from this software but as I already said I personally don’t recommend making money by this way.

You just need to register and you’ll be able to trim or shorten URLs.

10. T2m.io

T2m.io is another best URL shortener among all. It also offers free custom URL links opportunity which is quite good. With this web-based software, you can easily shorten your URL.

You can also buy a branded domain for your company on a reasonable budget. You can also have full-scale clicks analytic details over it as well as customized social media marketing campaigns.

11. Soo.gd

Soo.gd is simple URL shortener with which you can shrink URL or any of your link just in a click. It seems good because of its simplicity.

And their custom URL shortening service is also quite easy. You can easily customize suffix for your link in a single step.

12. Tiny.cc

Tiny.cc is also a cool URL shortener with custom URL shortening service. Just paste a long URL into a box and click “Tiny”, you will get a short URL. Besides compressing URLs, you can also customize your URL by adding your own desired keywords which is cool.

You can edit or delete a URL. With Tiny.cc, you can also track your clicks data without signing in and see your complete links history.

13. Mcaf.ee

Mcaf.ee is an official URL shortener by Mcafee Security Company. This is very simple to use. Just like other software, you just have to put long URL and it will do it short for you.

It is amazing because it is bidirectional or you can say reversible. You can put your short URL and also get original URL by it. But the short URL you have to put should be by only Mcaf.ee.

14. Bit.do

Bit.do is a URL shortening service which provides real-time statistical data for your clicks data. The stats received by it will also include Country name where the traffic is coming from.

You can also have your own custom domain for it which is premium service and you’ll have to pay to avail this feature. You can avail their services without logging into an account.

15. Link.TL

Link.TL is also among all the best URL shorteners website in 2018 if you want to make money from your external URL links. The minimum limit of the amount to be paid is $5.

Reasons why URL shorteners are important:

Now let’s come to some of the main reasons and uses for which we can use URL shorteners.

  • Tracks Traffic Behavior – See how things work – How users behave!
  • Helps For Content Sharing in Social Sharing Sites
  • Basically for providing useful features to User
  • Makes Management Easy – Wieldy (Manageable, Easy to Manage)
  • Looks Awesome – Neat And Clean (Just Imagine), if your post has lengthy URL, how does it look?
  • Looks Readable – In Emails, Prints.

Tracks Traffic Behavior:

Tracking traffic behavior where the traffic is coming from and how your content is growing and being liked or shared. This live click data and geographic location will help you better recognize your audience to improve your blog or website.

You can basically get to know how many visitors are coming to your link. By this, you can just have an idea which link is more important and bringing more traffic so you can make more efforts for that link.

Makes Content Sharing Easy:

They help and facilitate in sharing content and make it easy for social media sharing. By shorting URL, you can have now better visibility without making your message as an excerpt with “Read more” option particularly in case of Facebook.

With short URL, you have now saved characters space especially in Twitter Sharing where there is always a characters limitations. It compensates space for you to write your maximum post in the restricted area.

With Short URL, it becomes easy for one to manage links and share them on every kind of social media.

Keeps your all data in one place:

This is the best thing about all the best URL shorteners stated here which is they provide the service for statistical information that you find all clicks data in one place of all your previous and new links. Only a glance of yours is enough to have an overview of stats being shown.

Looks Neat And Clean:

Short URLs look neat and clean as compared to long URLs. Just imagine what are the links you feel comfortable with? Long URL or Short URLs.

Obviously, you must be thinking about short URLs as more user-friendly. Yeah, you’re right there and know that short URL seems cleaner.

Looks Readable:

You just see both URLs, first long and then short. You will find a huge difference in their readability. Short URLs tend to look more readable and you feel comfortable guessing what the link is about.

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