Blogging Niche Ideas That Are Most Profitable and Popular

There are many blogging niche ideas to start a blog but hard to find the good one. Blogging niche is something a blogger needs to identify very cautiously whether it’s the case for a newbie or a professional expert but the actual problem to come up with some good niche (out of all blogging niche ideas) that should be profitable and comfortable stays most for newbies.

A good niche out of all blogging niche ideas available is having the elements of profit and passion. Blogging demands passion. If you really want to succeed in blogging career, you first have to be passionate and have knowledge what you’re writing about.

There’s a big problem many bloggers mostly newbies often face, they choose a wrong niche. They have no proper guidance. They choose a wrong niche and buy a new domain to run their website and start working but end up with failure and become hopeless.

You need not be hopeless. You just have to follow some steps I am going to share and you’ll be the best blogger.

The most amazing thing to tell you is about my own experience. I also faced the same problem in the first but after some time I managed to restore myself by exploring more and getting more about blogging.

So I’ll discuss all the necessary scenarios and aspects a blogger needs to identify before starting a blog. Here’s a proper guide for approaching the most appropriate blogging niche idea for newbies.

5 Cases for Blogging Niche Ideas

There could be only four cases that can render this problem for choosing blogging niche ideas.

Case 1:

What people do mostly, they come up with a wrong blogging niche idea. They choose the niche which they find is the most profitable. Hence they can’t continue with it as they lose interest in the topic and they have to leave as they can’t write and work further on it.

When they do this, they forget though the niche idea they choose is profitable yet they can’t further go with it as it either bores them or they have no proper knowledge about it or they’re not familiar with it.

So, the first thing that we should remember before finalizing our niche that how much we’re comfortable with it. We should ask our heart whether we have an interest in it or not.

Case 2:

The second mistake some people often make is they choose the topic they feel comfortable with. But here they forget that they should have checked for the search audience and profitability.

This time topic is interested for a blogger but not profitable or there is not high search volume as more people are not searching it.

These are all those things we should avoid if we are serious about blogging and want to make money.

Case 4:

Some people choose a niche which is according to their interest and also have good CPC and profit but they make one mistake.

What they do wrong is they choose high competition niche which is hard to compete though they can write well on it and it also has good revenue chance but not for newbies but for old who has established their websites since a long time.

Case 4:

Some people choose the trending topic and can’t succeed as the graph of the searching volume falls down.

People must care what niche they’re going to choose must have some good volume with continuous intervals of time.

Case 5:

Some people meet all conditions but they still can face problem in the future. They can have a problem of shortage of topics to write as the niche they select could be too narrow and small to give a number of topics to cover.

So, if you find such kind of niche, broaden it a little, now you can go for it.

In the end, you can conclude that good blogging niche ideas can be found on the basis of following factors:
1. Profitable

  1. Not with very high Competition
  2. Good search volume
  3. The topic you feel comfortable writing about/How much you’re passionate about it?
  4. A topic should not be narrow.

So ask some questions before you finalize a niche:

  • Is the niche you have selected profitable among all the blogging niche ideas?
  • Does it have a good search volume?
  • Is it not a very high competition niche?
  • Can you write about it easily?
  • Is your niche too small?

If you find the answers to these questions, now you can choose the best niche idea and buy a domain.

I have made a complete comparison and review of all best domain companies for the ease of my audience especially newbies. I guarantee you that it will surely help you. Before buying a domain, you should have a look on Best Domain Registrars 2017.

List of some Blogging Niche Ideas:

Here I have a list for all of the best blogging niche ideas you can start with:

  • How to
  • Books
  • Recipes
  • Politics
  • Viral Stories
  • Review Site
  • Blogging Tips
  • Make Money Tips
  • Technology
  • Parenting
  • Product Selling
  • Tutorials
  • Teaching and Educating
  • Beauty Tips (Health)
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Aatif Tanveer - September 12, 2017


ANAND - April 23, 2018

What makes more money quickly ? single niche or multi niche blog ?

    Muhammad Ammar Yasir
    Muhammad Ammar Yasir - May 19, 2018

    In the beginning, you should focus on a single niche and make your blog significant in the eye of Google. Secondly, it depends on you, it depends on how much effort you put and give your time to your blog. Thanks!


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