Grammarly Review: The Best Grammar Checker Tool

As we see in our general life, as rules are important in our general life, similarly the grammar rules are also significant.

Grammatical errors can prove to be a bad piece of work. It makes writing harder to read and leaves a very bad impression on the reader hurting your credibility and brand image. If you are a jobseeker with grammatical errors in your resume, a company recruiter may see you as less intelligent than a candidate with similar skills but be knowing how to proofread properly.

People who write for living such as content writers need to write error-free content. Content may be the king, but you will gain more respect and credibility if writing is just as brilliant (error-free) as the ideas being conveyed.

The more the content is understandable by the audience, the easier it is for a reader to focus on the topic.

So how can you avoid such mistakes if you are a person with poor grammatical skills or a non-native English speaker or a new writer? Specialized proofreading software can then be helpful!

Proofreading can be a painful task in the busy schedule. So Grammarly can be used here which is considered as the world best Grammar Checker Tool in order to save time.

It gives us the list of all errors in our writing within just a minute and even gives us an explanation of how something is wrong, why it is wrong and how we can correct it.


The software scans the text for more than 250 types of grammar mistakes in six distinct genres.

It supports multiple document types, and each document can be identified as a blog post, as an article as a business document and so on. The audience can be selected by the user.

It has a plagiarism detection tool and compares the document with 8 billion documents online which thing is very helpful for teachers and editors who might suspect that their students are turning in the copied material.

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It is available as a web app, desktop software and as a Microsoft office Add-on.

It offers both free as well as premium plans.

It gives you the option to either use the service online or as a plug-in to Microsoft Office. This duality is useful because writers are not always connected to the internet.

It includes a comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus that writers can access at any time.

How does it work?

Grammarly checks and scans your writing in its database of contents and style errors. The service uses anonymously collected data from its millions of daily active users to learn about the latest trends in how people write. Tt underlines critical mistakes in red (spelling and basic grammar), and advanced errors in yellow (style and best practices).

Unlike word 2016’s grammar checker, this grammar checker not only points our errors but also let us know the type of error made by us in our writing. Moreover, it shows helpful information such as word count, number of critical and advanced errors present, a plagiarism percentage calculator and an overall score based on these factors.

The company also emails the users the common mistakes users make while writing.

Using Grammarly

Grammarly has two different packages free and premium. If you do not want to avail the premium package then you have to download and install the browser extension for chrome, Mozilla or Safari.

At times if you are not able to use extension then you can use a web interface for Grammarly.

Another amazing way to use this grammar corrector is to download Microsoft Add-in for work and outlook. (Premium package)

Grammarly is an excellent tool for everyone and helps increase the knowledge of grammar.  It’s a luxury at $29.99 per month, but writers of all kinds can benefit from adding Grammarly to their workflow and I personally recommend everyone to use it.

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